If you say something to me from afar, when no one is listening to me. It’s your voice that keeps shouting in my head. It echoes! Your nails scrape my body. It hurts. You take my hand and you come to me, you hear my voice and you melt into ashes. You disappear. Where are you going?
I say to myself,
Did you look at me? Did you hear me? Did you see me? Did you filter me? Did you know me?
Look at me. Look at me. If I fall into your mind one day. Count me as if I’m dead on the line. My hands are weak. My wrists are tight. My ears can’t hear. My mouth does not speak. I am offended in my voice. My eyes do not see.
What am I now? What am I? Do I exist? Did I exist? Do you have it? Don’t I have you?
My brain is like the sky. I’m lost in space. I’m late for every memory. Unlimited pains accumulated in my mind by years. From memories when I want to run away. They don’t leave me alone. I’m crashing. I’m done. I’m counting down when I want to go. I’m tired of my load at the beginning of the road.
Believe me dear, I am not resentful. I’m crazy for your voice that only touches my soul. The clouds are passing. My tears are hanging.
Believe me dear, I am alone. Whenever these starry skies start to turn. If the sun goes on vacation. If the moon takes its place in the sky, I am alone.
Believe me dear, Sometimes I used to have dreams during the day. Now my path doesn’t go any further. Once upon a time I looked at the sun in your eyes. And this sun would tear me apart. Now even if it rains, the sky doesn’t scare me, now my hopes have no identity I’m leaving so dear I’m just going.
I’m going, I’m going and I’m taking my heart, as I pour into the roads in need of your voice; Leaving all the wreckage behind me. I’m leaving.
I’m getting the fuck out of my pocket to live outside of the existing dimensions of my life.
Believe me darling
I’m leaving!

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