I don’t know what makes me jealous inside. Why don’t you love me? Do you wanna fuck with me or fight?
You never asked me if I had anything to hide. I shouldn’t be weak, should I? You really want to burn me down, don’t you?
I hate you. Your face is the ugliest smile I’ve ever disgraced. You think you’re better than me. You don’t have a dick.
No, you left us empty-handed. You want to break me. Let the moment break you. If you leave me there, I won’t run after you. Suffer! I feel like the load has been lifted off me then.
Sometimes hurt me so bad. I’m in a bad mood tonight. I can see cigarette smoke. I could have stayed awake, I could have stayed awake enough to die another day. Sometimes hurt me, find someone sometime and make me jealous. If one day our dreams fall into ruin, I will forget you and go away. Soften my heart and wear me out.
I think I’m in love. Anyway, I’m out of my mind. I can’t think. I’m being tortured, goddamn scum. Fire, love, suffering. Fuck you, it’s all you.
I can’t forget you, what’s left of you to me. You’re growing inside my heart like that damned cancer that can happen if it’s rare.
I get tired of what I can’t get. I throw up what I have on the streets. I think with my three cents in my pocket. When I think about it, I get lost. Fuck it, I realize everything.
Actually everything was a lie. It was a huge snake in my head. I wouldn’t want to stay like a long thin line in your life. Like a fucking woman hiding in your past.
I should have admitted from the beginning that you burned me. That everything is wrong.

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