This cry of passion breaks through my veins. It destroys my logic.
I will dive into you, I will dive into you in small steps, I will slowly drown myself in it. Without any regrets. I will leave myself in your hands.
I know you will destroy me, but to wait for you, to adore you, to show patience is my sin, my obsession, my wild desire. In the end, I will curse you.
You will ruin me while you are doing your last dance and you will succumb to your soul and tear me to pieces. I will not be afraid grams because I know that I am steel against the desires of the soul.Because in the moonlight I will be falling into hell where I feel it unfold beneath my feet from the flames blessed by the eyes of an unknown man.
Clannishness,I will understand from the moment I gave it that I didn’t know anything.That you are the devil that comes to life from this lustful desire that you put into my being.
I will be one and mix with you to the smallest parts, I will suffocate you with my own presence and I will light the fire.
You will shatter yourself as you curl up with pain in front of me, and I will drink into our being.

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