The movie Frida, based on the life of the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, was released in 2002. The movie stars Salma Hayek as Frida and Alfred Molina as her husband, the famous painter Diego Rivera. In addition to Salma Hayek’s beauty and acting, one of the important achievements of the movie is that it makes the audience feel the strong and passionate aspects of a woman like Frida. In addition to telling the story of Frida’s life, the film is also very successful in terms of surrealistic recreation of clothes, colors, images, especially paintings according to the time. For all these achievements, the film was awarded 6 Academy Awards and 2 Oscars for Makeup and Original Music. 

Our movie contains a multidimensional scenario that tells the story of Frida’s life as well as her art and the political conditions of the period. First, we see Frida’s school years and her family life. With the traffic accident she had during these years, the most painful and productive days of her life begin for Frida. Unable to get out of bed due to many broken bones and undergoing treatment for many years, Frida discovers her own talent in this accident where she returns from the brink of death. She reflects her emotions on canvas and makes many unusual paintings. Many of these paintings consist of Frida’s self-portraits. Because Frida is alone and the person she knows best is herself. These long years become an important process in terms of showing her passion and talent. 

After all the surgeries and pain she has undergone, Frida gets up on crutches, albeit slowly. Now it is time for her drawings to be skillfully criticized. For this, she went to Diego Rivera, the famous painter of her time, and asked him to criticize her drawings. Diego is indeed a well-known name for his drawings. He is also well known for his political involvement in communist thought and his womanizing. Diego is very impressed by Frida’s drawings and introduces her to everyone. Thus, both friendship and love are born between them. But this union between them is unorthodox. Diego had been married twice before. And the common problem in all their marriages was commitment. Frida, however, cannot resist Diego and marries him. But this marriage is also unorthodox. Frida is aware that she has accepted him in this way on this journey with Diego. However, an event shakes her deeply and she says the following sentences to Diego:

“I had two big accidents in my life, Diego. One is the bus and the other is you. You are the worst.”  

 Although this pain shook Frida deeply, it nourished her internally and she continued to draw. However, she still cannot break away from Diego. Their meetings still continue. They go to New York for Diego’s work. Then they return to Mexico again. These periods were politically difficult for both Diego and Frida. It was also a different experience for the Rivera family when they hosted Trotsky, the famous thinker and politically wanted name of the period, in their home.

Frida Kahlo is indeed one of the leading women of her time with her life, her drawings and her stance. She is still talked about and her drawings are still talked about today. This characteristic of hers stems from her unique passions and the pain she suffered physically and mentally. The movie satisfies the audience in this sense. Frida, who did not want to be buried because she was lying for life and therefore wanted to be cremated at her death, said goodbye to life with the following words:

“I hope the way out will be beautiful and that I will never go back.”

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