I’m trying to find the key in my heart.Now I’m looking at the sky with all questions in my heart.All I need is you.I Have weakness.I can not help myself
I know you. Yes,I know you.I know you do not want to heart me.I’m sure.All I need is the sound of your heart.You make me shiver up.You make me think I’m crazy, you make me feel like I’m to blame for all that happened…
I am in all pain,all pain.Now you caught me sipping a few glasses. Yeah, I can’t compare you, I don’t know. I just hope that I will survive after this fire. I’m angry, a little bit unstable. My hands are above my sore places, praying to come out spiritually alive from this mess.
You caught me in pieces. Bright and glamorous as stars. You illuminated me like the sun. But then you disappeared. Now every second feels like torture. It’s like a journey over hell.
As I dance with your soul every night I feel lonely, I barely remember your face.And the only bond between us is just that distant silence.I think you are smiling with pride in your eyes, and I come to life with a sigh of love … Do you despise?
It’s as if I was immigrated, not you. I’m up all night. I’m telling myself I’m fine. I hear your whispering.
Now I am in the chair I climb on with small steps. And I let myself go, dry and lifeless where nobody can see it.There is no evidence, but cold is inevitable the greatest evidence. You are evil, the way in life, and truth. You are the revived beginning and genocide. And I watch with curiosity on the way to you.
I know you will never feel like me, and I’m falling to pieces right in front of you and I’m burning the world and tying the noose.

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