I hear your voice but I can never replace it. I get strength from that whisper that I hear, and I run at full speed as I can. I think I have been imprisoned forever. If you give me one day, I know what will happen beyond pain, like a meeting detached from your adjusted alienated environment.
I see the sun leading me towards the land of the lost and the reasonless, hear the wind beating me. I decide to surrender forever because I do not want any meaninglessness.I know you want to rip my heart out baby, but come and be my guest, I hope you hear the song in my heart and remember the old days because all your life without me is fuckking pointless.
You saw me when I was crying, when I was high, when I was at bottom,now you let me ro cry alone in this meaningless life with your departure.
Shatter from pain, even disappear.The pain in your body, the bankruptcy of your organs …
Let your body disintegrate. Let it be the home of worm.

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