The 2018 movie “Living in the Stars”, starring Luis Callejo and Jorge Andreu, is based on the life story of a father and his son. 

Victor Martin is a former director who has made successful films in his time. After the death of his wife Angela, he falls into a severe depression and has to take care of his nine-year-old son Ingmar alone. Victor embellishes this severe depression with fantastic stories both in his own mind and in the mind of his son. Wanting to make a movie from these stories, Victor first tries to find money and collect his old payments. But Victor’s addiction to alcohol also affects his working conditions, leaving him and his son penniless for a long time. In the meantime, Ingmar is taken to a children’s shelter, which leads father and son into an even more difficult situation. Victor, who illegally takes his son from this shelter, goes to his sister, the only door he can knock on, but he cannot get any help from her either. Despite all these negativities, Victor, whose imagination remains intact, occasionally tells his son about the movie he is going to make. As Ingmar listens, the audience shares this dream and witnesses the story of a writer who wants to write a movie under the stars. This story is not unknown to Ingmar and the audience. Because Victor talks about his own family in his movie Living in the Stars. These dreams constitute the most beautiful parts of the movie. While talking about these dreams, the last dream begins here for Victor and Ingmar, who go to a land where the set decorations are forgotten to shoot a movie. Because Victor, who actually returns to his own past while writing the movie, confronts himself, his past and his wife on this journey. This confrontation ends with new promises to Ingmar and a new beginning. 

The movie offers the audience a fairytale-like movie in a short time of 1 hour and 25 minutes.

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