One of the original productions of the animation and adventure genre, Spirited Away is the work of director and screenwriter Hayao Miyazaki. Produced in Japan in 2001, the film is considered a children’s movie, but its metaphors and messages about Japanese culture make it a very interesting movie for adults as well. This success earned the film the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film at the 75th Academy Awards and the 52nd Berlin
It won the Golden Bear award at the Film Festival. The movie begins with Chihiro and her family setting out to move to a new town. But this journey takes the family deep into the forest, where they get lost and enter a magical world.
and it turns into a different journey. In this place where there are restaurants everywhere and delicious smells, Chihiro’s mother and father cannot resist the food and start eating everything. Chihiro, who sees her mother and father turn into pigs as they eat the food here, runs into the town with all her astonishment and asks for help, but as the evening comes, spirits flock to the town. Chihiro is forced to leave
He runs away and hides in the town. Along the way she meets Haku, who helps her and her family along the way. But this meeting is only valid for Chihiro. Because Haku has heard Chihiro’s name before. However, what is remembered is not clear for either Haku or Chihiro.

Chihiro gets into trouble because the town smells human. However, Haku tells her about this extraordinary world and walks away, telling her that if she wants to stay here as a human and not turn into an animal, she must work hard and make herself accepted here. Listening carefully to Haku’s words, Chihiro first goes to Kamaji, a laborer, to get herself accepted here. Then the sorcerer Yubaba. The sorcerer Yubaba, the evil ruler of this magical world, steals people’s names and makes them
Because he controls Chihiro, after seeing her, he takes her name from her and gives her the name “You”. Thus, he makes her forget herself and her past. But Haku warns Chihiro about this and says, “If he steals your name, you can never go home.” Because Haku doesn’t remember his own name and therefore cannot return home. However, over time, Chihiro begins to remember this encounter. So does Haku’s real name… Later in the movie, Chihiro goes to Zeniba, Yubaba’s twin brother, who is a good sorcerer, and after winning his love and help, she returns to Yubaba and talks to him. However, the evil sorcerer Yubaba tries Chihiro and plays a trick on her. In this game, if Chihiro can give the right answer, he will free her and her family and take them out of this world. But can Chihiro save herself and her family from this magical world and the evil wizard Yubaba? The answer is hidden within the movie. The movie is an important structure of the anime genre with its Far Eastern visuals and music.
is one of the cornerstones of the movie. In addition, the messages given through Haku and Chihiro’s friendship throughout the movie, Chihiro’s lack of greed for money, her constant work to make herself accepted in this world, and her choice of goodness every time are some of the important messages of the movie. In short, Spirited Away is not only a children’s movie, but it also has the kind of diversity that will evoke different interpretations in every viewer. For this reason is one of the most important productions that still remains relevant for audiences of all ages.

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